where two wrongs do not make a right

i don’t condone her actions but some of the revenge-seekers definitely doesn’t seem any better.

true – she did partake in the vancouver riots and while her actions might be arguably less worse then some of the vandalism and assault, it definitely shouldn’t be easily forgiven.

she did give an apology and would have looked better if she left it at that. but really – the racism she recieved was not justified. i believe these attackers took this opportunity to be publically racist as if they were justified in doing so. and it boggles my mind how they feel they are better then this UBC student who did turn herself into the police and admitted to theft.

at the least, she admitted that what she did was wrong.

but the racists? will they ever be able to admit that they were wrong? do they HAVE to stoop to that level JUST to point out that what she did was bad? are they not capable of stating the obvoius without having to pull at stereotypes and other hatefull things based on a person’s race?

in fact, isn’t the display of such racism a form of abuse? of verbal assault? and therefore, isn’t THAT just as bad as theft, if not worse in some circumstances? isn’t it this type of witch-hunt a form of violence that could also lead to another type of mob mentality? one that could result in physical harm to a human being?

once again, i’m disappointed by our species. on so many levels.


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