i am so very behind on my blogging. i even had photos i wanted to upload from a few weeks ago – all still on my camera.

then i got hit with a nasty bug mid-last week and have been recovering ever since. as of Sunday, i felt much better but am still coughing and blowing my nose. so this will be another random update of some sort.

  • last sunday night, i found myself alone at the beach. i had a challenging week and i needed some space. so i decided to let doug take care of chaeli’s bedtime routine while i took a drive. i didn’t plan on going back but that’s basically where i ended up. it’s a peaceful place. when i arrived, i couldn’t help but notice a lot of people park their cars and just sit there, staring off into the lake. did they all need some solitude as well? or were they just there to kill time?
  • wednesday was doug’s birthday but unfortunately, it was also the day i got sick. still, we had a nice steak dinner.
  • saturday was the day we celebrated doug’s birthday with my family. everyone except my aunt and my mom caught the matinee for x-men first class. excellent. probably the best written x-men movie yet and i do hope that they continue down this path.
  • saturday evening, we went to my aunt’s/uncle’s for some lobster. what a treat! i have not had lobster for quite awhile and my 1.5 little red dude completely filled my tummy.
  • sunday morning, we slept in and then first went to the dog park on the way to my parents’ place and then had both lunch and dinner with my parents. it was simply the perfect weather type of day. blue skies with only a hint of clouds, a light breeze and lots of sunshine (but without the humidity so quite comfortable).
  • we watched two movies on netflix – fearless and ichi. fearless was a great movie. reminds me what jet li is best known for. ichi was fun – mainly eye-candy. i would put it into the whole spaghetti-western quality genre (except all in japanese).

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