random updates with a humidex of 43 celcius

  • it’s hot outside. hot. and while rain is needed to relieve us, i’m pretty pissed off that it’s falling on a saturday. it’s like that every week. at the beginning, they announce cheerfully not to worry about the rain we just had on the weekend because next weekend will be two full days of sunshine. pffbbbt. whatever – as soon as we approach mid-week, the sunny forecast turns to rain and overcast skies.
  • chaeli has now finished her four captain underpants chapter books and just started her first of five diary of a wimpy kid chapter book series. i didn’t realize she was that far ahead. damn – my kid gets to read more then i do! but i’m still happy for her that she’s not only able to read and understand herself, but purely enjoying the experience.
  • we work beside this hotel. not a bad hotel. i would probably say it is a 3 star hotel which is pretty standard over here. our cafeteria is situated right next to the parking lot of this hotel and you can clearly do some people watching from the windows. apparently, there is one man who is a repeat customer – each time he checks in, he’s with another lady.
  • the ‘children of the corn’ neighbours moved out a couple of weeks ago. just like that. we didn’t even know they were selling. and while the walls are thin enough not to cover all noise, so far, our new neighbours are a big improvement. at the same time, who knows how long our lucky streak will last. it is a little odd that i have never even seen them. all i see is their car. and some things they’ve moved to the back patio. anyway, i can go out and enjoy the backyard without having two creepy kids standing next to each other, and staring at me so deeply i’m expecting laser lights to shoot out of their eyeballs.
  • hobbes is starting to ‘talk’ to us. up until now, the sounds he makes have been limited – barking, growling, whining and big sighs. now, he is making noises that are sounding like he is trying to talk to us. i’ve seen this happen with other dogs and sometimes, it can take a few years to develop. it will be nice, though, if he reaches that point. i would much rather hear this type of ‘talking’ over barking and whining.
  • there was a thing on the radio – of how people take their ipad with them to the washroom. and i have to say, that makes sense. it’s not too much different from reading a book, magazine or newspaper while sitting on the loo. in fact, i’ve read most of your blogs while on the loo.

One thought on “random updates with a humidex of 43 celcius

  1. I am honored to have you read my blog in the loo ;D It might be overshare, but I’d rather that than not coming by at all. Glad to see you’re still Shy – Vox seems so long ago and far away and when I read your blog it reminds me of the good ol’ days –


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