guilty pleasures no. 36



it’s my fast-food comfort food. one that i can’t have often but when i do, i savour every single bite of it.

but… it’s not just the taste of the soft, flakey, white centre or how the breaded batter gives you that delicious crispy texture on the edges (especially from the four corners). this mc d’s creation holds a lot of memories for me.

for one, it was my grandmother’s (my pwo-pwo’s) favourite item whenever we picked up some mc donald’s. and from her, it became a favourite of mine. each time i bite into one of these babies, i always remember her.

secondly, it reminds me of my best friend… ada and i even have had email conversations about the love of the filet-o-fish.

the last one was about the cheese – how it should be a full process slice rather then the half. i complained that it’s rarely positioned in the middle and usually askewed to one side. she claims that it’s really just a bonding agent to hold it all together.

she could be right. i’ve made a point on my to-do list to email the corporation and inquire exactly what the purpose of making the slice only 1/2. and why, at the least, can’t they centre it so that there’s a better distribution of cheese throughout the sandwich.

but whatever the answer may be, i will forever be faithful to the filet-o-fish.

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3 thoughts on “guilty pleasures no. 36

  1. I loooove the filet-o-fiah… Having worked at McDs for 3.5 years, i basically had tried everything on the menu back then and experimented with things on and off the menu. You can ask for the whole slice of cheese (they charge extra); I got the full slice a few times and I gotta say it was too much! I think it overpowered the nice balance. But you should really try it for yourself!

    • too much cheese, eh? hmm… i never thought of that. it’s true – sometimes too much of a good thing pushes it over the top and it’s just not the same anymore.

      but you’re right – i will try it! just to see what it is like for myself. and to say that i’ve tried it. :p

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