little shadows

after reading my friend’s post about how one of her twins followed her into the powder room when she went to quickly wash her hands and had accidentally left the toddler inside the powder room – she didn’t know she had a little follower – with the door closed (found quickly by her husband, though), i’m reminded of a similar situation.

it wasn’t with chaeli, but with hobbes.

when we first adopted him into our lives, he was very clingly. we couldn’t walk anywhere in the house without him following directly behind us.

one day, i was rushing around the house doing choirs. doug was home and i just assumed that hobbes was with him as at one point, i realized i hadn’t seen the little pup in awhile.

but to double check, i called down to doug, who was in the basement at the time, “hey – have you see hobbes? is he with you?”

expecting doug to say ‘yes’ i was a bit surprised when doug replied back, “no – i thought he was with you.”

so we quickly went around the house calling and whistling for the little pup, all the while, wondering exactly what sort of trouble he’s gotten himself into. then i heard doug laughing from the laundry room followed by, “found him!”

apparently, he had quickly followed me into that room. when i left, i had closed the door as i usually do, leaving poor, wee hobbes all alone. he might have whimpered but the washing machine droned out his sound.


anyway, this friday, hobbes turns one. my aunt wants to have a little family party for him which should be interesting. i remember we were made to stand around her dining table to sing happy birthday to their shihtzu who, sitting at the end of the table, just looked around the room all confused as if to say, “why the hell are they all staring at me and singing that god-awful song?”

i love hobbes. but i don’t know if i want to sing to a dog. again.


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