zoo, pee-stain and mother’s day

this past weekend was probably one of the more busier mother’s day weekend. but lots of fun!

saturday, t&t plus their twin toddlers, m&e, came over to drop off their dog, cowboy, for a playdate with hobbes. while we left the two to fend for themselves, the two families went to the zoo – something we ourselves, have not done for a year now. we renewed our membership when we got there and was happy to see that t&t decided to purchase a year’s membership as well – hopefully this means more zoo outings with them! and a chance for cowboy to get use to our place. i felt bad for him – he was left with a crazy spaz of a dog in an unfamiliar place. however… when we got home, the house was left as it was and the two dogs were fine.

well, doug picked cowboy up before taking him out for a piddle and got a little pee stain on his shirt. but doug should have known better. 🙂

the twins had a great time! it’s a cool age to watch them recognize so much – they spent a lot of their time pointing at the various animals they saw.

chaeli had a good time as well. though i think she was interested more in the twins then the animals.

after spending a couple of hours there, we all headed back to our place for some cold beer and a simple antipasto platter i quickly assembled. then doug got working on the grill to make us some delicious marinated chicken thighs and various types of italian sausages.

on sunday, i woke up fairly early to get my breakfast in bed. after that, the race was on for me. i had to do some grocery shopping for the week as well as get things ready for my parents’ place. unfortunately, i didn’t get much me-time but it was a good day none-the-less.

i’ll make up for it this weekend – other then a doggie playdate we’ve got lined up (depending on weather), we have no other plans. hopefully, we’ll have time to go see thor.


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