i’m not here to debate about politics…

i’m just here to whine.

last night, our country became a majority-conservative lead nation.

the worse i was hoping was a minority-conservative leadership. and the fact that the liberals lost by a landslide make their future look bleak.

what is worse… what really aggravates me, are the many voters who were liberals in the past, deciding to switch over to conservatives. the reasons behind their choices boggled my mind. and scared me.

the worse explanation – harper and his administration were able to with hold a strong economy in canada while the rest of the world suffered. and to this i wonder why they thought harper had anything really to do with this. it was our banks. our banks held strong and didn’t cave like that of our fellow american banks. we didn’t have anywhere close to the foreclosures of homes as they did.

i woke up feeling quite sad and disappointed, this morning.


3 thoughts on “i’m not here to debate about politics…

  1. …me three. Well, actually after hearing the news that the Conservatives won again I went to the gym where they shot to majority between sets. I stood there stunned looking the tv for a good five minutes.

    Effing depressing.

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