the one day of sunshine

we had only one day of sunshine and glorious weather last week and it happened to fall on the saturday i had to go and get recertified for first aid and cpr.


doug and chaeli took hobbes to a dog park – from what i heard, they had a lot of fun.

i, on the other hand, was stuck inside a classroom, doing a very crunched and speedy crash-course from what i learned from the 2-day class three years ago (which i’ll have to do in full again during my next recert in three years – they only allow the 1-day recert once between the 2-day class years).

still, it was good, though. the speed was quick but i was glad to not have to be stuck in the class for more then a day AND sit through a slow moving class. by test time, i was a little bit worried that i would do worse then the first time (i got 1 wrong when i first got certified) but ended up getting perfect.

the instructor even laughed at me when he handed it back, saying, “oh whatever, shy… you got 100%!”

now speaking about the instructor, i was extremely impressed with him. he was very engaging, supportive and personable. i only got to hear little bits of his personal life and if we had more time, i would have asked him some questions.

one big question would have been his age. he was young but all that he’s done – i can’t imagine some one so young that has accomplished so much! it was impressive and definitely puts my younger years to shame!

i only gather he’s in his early 20’s because he’s studying at university in the music program (and doubling in business) but it’s possible that he’s in his later 20’s, too. i don’t know – i’m really bad at telling a person’s age. especially when they act so mature.

there was another girl in class who’s 3rd year in her university studies. now HER i could tell her age was young. she was annoying – really, really annoying. at the end, while people were still writing, she was talking and flirting very loudly at the instructor, who tried his best to just pacify her.

i was tempted to just get to the point between the two – perhaps assist in exchanging phone numbers if there was a mutual interest, just to shut her up!

anyway – point is, i’m recertified and was able to get home before 5:30pm to enjoy some daylight. doug bbq-ed some steaks. afterwards, we watched ‘prince of persia’ because chaeli wanted a family movie night.

not bad – kind of weird to see jake gyllenhaal in that type of role. he did alright though – i suppose his character grew on me. i admit i was only partialy watching the movie (was sort of dozing at some points – not because i was bored but just very, very tired).


One thought on “the one day of sunshine

  1. Yeah, we spent a good part of the day stuck indoors, too, but we managed to make a quick bike/scooter/walk to the park before dinner, and some emergency gardening after dinner (my neighbour was splitting her perennials and had about half a dozen large clumps which I quickly and happily stuck in amidst the weeds in my own garden).

    One of the instructors at M’s karate school like that, too. I don’t know what he’s accomplished, but he’s so mature, and I’m also bad at judging ages by appearance alone… I was assuming he was mid-20’s, and then one day he said he was 15! Good grief. I compare the 15yo that I was so long ago to him, and it’s embarrassing.

    Congrats on your 100%!

    My love for Jake Gyllenhaal endures, despite Prince of Persia. I try to pretend that movie doesn’t exist. šŸ™‚

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