things i miss doing that i want back in my life

reading. oh how i miss always having a book on hand. it’s been months since i’ve read a book. and really, it’s my quest to start reading again as the summer months approach.

i loved using the library and still hope to take books out. but the reality is that unless i take a book out that’s not on hold (i.e. popular books), i won’t have the chance to finish it before i have to return it.

i may resort to purchasing books through kindle-amazon – digital books. if the price is good and it’s a popular book i really want to read.

blogging. of course, i still blog but it’s not as often as i like. but i want to get back to posting at least once a week. blogging has always contributed to my creativity and to not get this outlet as frequently as i use to saddens me.

traveling. unfortunately, this is one area we won’t be able to afford doing for awhile. but i think it’s important that we do one or two weekend get-aways. just for our own sanity. i’m not placing this high on our list but it’s definitely something not to be completely ignored.

hiking. the weather is getting warmer which means we’ll be taking more walks and hikes on the weekends. yeay! it wasn’t just the exercise it gave all of us, but a chance for us to explore different trails and towns outside of our city.

yoga. i do do yoga, but not weekly like i want to. in fact, there was a time i did it twice a week and it felt great! so i’m going to try and squeeze it in at least once a week, on top of my other workouts.

the one thing i have had more time for is working out. for the past couple of months, i have found a way to introduce it back into my life – on a more consistant basis. it’s not perfect and sometimes, it needs to change week to week in order to fit it into my busy lifestyle, but i’m happy that i’m at least doing something.

so here’s to the end of winter and all the things i hope to do!


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