We’re in the midst of doing a dinosaur project with Chaeli. She has to draw/paste an image of the dinosaur, write a short verbage about it and then create a model scale, 3D scene of its environment. Which I have learned is called a diorama.

I actually wouldn’t have believed ‘diorama’ is a real word had it not been for this homework assignment. In fact, I actually feel silly everytime I have to say it out loud.

Anyway, I found a realistic lineart of her favourite dinosaur online, printed it out along with a coloured image for her to see so she could get an idea of what colours to use. With the use of a dinosaur book, Wikipedia and the rest of the internet, we were able to write some facts such as where it was from, what it ate and about its size and body structure.

I would have suggested to include the fact that most archeological findings indicates that it probably had been a species that lived alone, but one finding found a herd of 20 or so fossils which may prove that it was a herd forming species at least in its juvenile state…

But then I figured the teachers might think I did too much of the work.

Anyway, my kid happened to pick the Euoplocephalus, a well armored herbivore from the late Cretacious period.

And the main reason she picked this dinosaur was because: 1) it wouldn’t eat her since it doesn’t like meat; and 2) it was well protected from those other scarier and bigger dinosaurs that freak her out.

Meanwhile it took me a whole weekend to learn how to say, “Euoplocephalus.”


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