naked hobbes


poor wee hobbes.

with all the matted mess that became his fur, all they could do at the groomers was shave it all off.

hobbes came back to us half the dog he use to be. he was pretty depressed and timid for the first couple of days. it actually reminded me of when he first came to live with us – constantly sticking by our side.

he’s also been sleeping with us – but i’m not sure if that’s for comfort or more because now that he’s not covered with thick fur, he doesn’t get over-heated like he use to.

one afternoon, while i snoozed on the couch, he actually curled up in a tight little ball and napped on my tummy the entire time.

i’m totally taking advantage of the extra cuddle-time!


3 thoughts on “naked hobbes

  1. adorable! Love the big brown eyes.

    Cowboy is the same since his haircut; every time I sit down he jumps into my lap and is constantly underfoot following me around.

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