ahh… the art of lounging

i didn’t wake up to workout as early as i wanted to. i think i woke up at 8am and just lounged in bed with my ipad for 45 minutes before getting up and heading downstairs for my p90x workout (chest/back and ab-ripper-x). we’ve just finished brunch and i’m now sitting in the living room, listening to some asian-inspired electronica/deep house while i blog. chaeli is still finishing up her meal, doug is taking his turn on the ipad and hobbes is curled up behind me so that he’s wedged between my butt and the back of the sofa.

this is living!

as soon as we’re done our coffee, food and geekiness, we’re going to get dressed and head out. the sun is shining and the winds are down – it’s still chilly but truly beautiful outside. we’ll head out to a dog park for a couple of hours. maybe take a light stroll as well.


2 thoughts on “ahh… the art of lounging

  1. ahhh! Sounds like a perfect day. If you guys end up doing anything in our end of the city be sure to drop by for tea/coffee and the puppies can play.

    • we didn’t plan well in advance but we should have made arrangements to get you guys over to ‘starving artist’ for brunch! definitel worthwhile for you guys to try it – they don’t take reso, though. and the place is small. but the americano alone is worth the visit!

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