first march break… as an adult that is

when my colleagues asked me what i was doing next week, i told them, “oh nothing… just taking march break.”

sounded weird but truth be told, i have never taken march break off before. chaeli has always been in a daycare setting so doug and i just continued on with work. and leading up to this year, i was dreading it. dreading having to take the one week off where all other parents and kids are off. and really – to try to keep chaeli busy on my own? as much as i love her, it didn’t seem appealing to me.

well, when this week started to approach us, i was so looking forward to it (especially if we get good weather). the bonus is that doug also took the week off. and now that she’s seven, she’s pretty self-sufficient. in fact, she helps us out whenever we need help (and with tasks that she can safely do on her own). plus, we’re not at all planning to go to any of the tourist traps. we’ll probably see a movie but we’re hoping to try out a couple of restaurants and do some hiking. and a couple of dog parks are probably in the mix, too. no doubt, we’ll be taking the subway downtown to do a bit of walking as well. which reminds me, i have to find out if dogs are allowed on the subway. i think they are outside of rush hour

today is saturday and it’s my semi-vacation day only because doug is at a workshop during the morning and half of the afternoon. i’ve also just spent my morning cleaning the house just to get it over with.

i’ve learned in the past that every two weeks is the ideal to give the whole house a nice disinfecting scrub and dusting. it’s easy to maintain if i do it every two weeks. when i’m really busy, i might let it stretch to three weeks. this would be rare, though. and at three weeks, i notice that it’s just a little bit more tougher to get the grind out or dust collected with a simple sweep.

with me being sick and work being so busy (among life just being chaotic), i’ve left the house for a month without anything but some quick spot cleaning. i can’t remember when i last did this – maybe a couple of years ago or more?

anyway – wow. not something i want to make a habit of. most surfaces needed to be wiped down twice just to get the grime and dust off. it just takes twice as long. no thanks. not to mention we had to live in that condition for a couple of weeks.

but… of course, it couldn’t be helped. i just really want to get back to my regular cleaning routine now.


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