guilty pleasures no. 35


for several months now, i’ve been diligently following the weekly postsecret posts.

of course, like most, i’ve been hearing about this site for a very long time and while i peeked into it in the past, lately, i’m starting to get addicted to it. i look forward to sitting at my computer every sunday morning with my freshly brewed cup of coffee as i read each posted postcard.

i sometimes wonder what wakes me up more – the caffeine or some shocking confession from some anonymous stranger out there.

i think it’s very much the latter.

some secrets are sweet and touching. others are truly sad. though, i think i like the quirky ones the most. the kind of secret that defines how human we really are. that we all have these weird idiosyncrasies. like one recent person stated that he/she sits on toilets sideways. and another admitted that cleaning out the lint from the dryer as being her favourite laundry pasttime (which made me realize that i quite enjoy that part too – the thicker the layer, the better! and i hate doing laundry.) such strange revelations. but to me, the most fascinating!

then there are the dirty secrets. usually involving theft or infidelity. and they are bad… really they are. yet i enjoy reading them. so much that lately, i started to question whether i’m becoming the type of person that i never wanted to be. you know, the type of person that enjoys gossip.

sure, i suppose it’s a bit better that i don’t know any of these people but there is a sickness to the pleasure i get from reading the naughty postcards. it obviously doesn’t paint me as a good person – but it’s true. i suppose while i try not to indulge in the workplace gossip (especially as 95% of the gossip turns out to be untrue), if i need to have an outlet, indulging in postcards from strangers, sharing some controversial secrets, is the best way to go.

anyway, the website doesn’t archive pervious weeks but i have them archived by grabbing their rss within my google reader.

here’s one posted a couple of weeks ago that i found quite amusing:


3 thoughts on “guilty pleasures no. 35

  1. I love that site, too. I go through phases of what blogs I visit often… and that one’s a regular in the loop.
    I hate taking the dryer lint off the screen thingy. I think it’s because I don’t have a garbage can in the laundry room, and the way my tiny laundry room is set up, when the dryer door is open, I can’t get out without sort of moving into the washroom, closing the dryer door, and going by. So I always end up putting the lint ball on the shelf, or on top of the washer, or wherever.. meaning I end up having way too many balls of dryer lint floating around my house. Next time you’re over, feel free to clean the lint catcher screen – go for it. Particularly since you won’t cooperate and clean my toilets like you do for someone else I won’t mention.

    • your toilets are always clean, though! 🙂 if it were disgusting enough, i would be compelled to clean them. (yes, it was THAT disgusting).

      i have a garbage right by my dryer. it does help.

      i like being able to pull the lint off in one piece – very satisfactory. when it’s skimpy, and therefore hard to take out, it becomes more of a choir.

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