on parenthood and music

as parents, we try to be responsible – we want to raise chaeli on the right path in regards to the importance the various paths of life.

one of such paths involves having a decent and diverse taste in music. but lets face it – i’m sure this has always been a challenge for parents worldwide. and it always starts with us holding our little, tiny baby in our arms, cradling him/her while saying, “just you wait and see… mommy’s going to teach you all about david bowie, the smiths, the cure, just to name a few.” and of course, it depends on the parents and the era – those musicians and bands are replaceable – but those were my ideals.

at the beginning, it seemed to work. i spent the first two years of chaeli’s life playing a lot of classic bowie. by the time she was 2.5, she was walking around singing ‘scary monsters’ and when that day happened, all i could think was, yes! i did it! success! hahaha!!!

the problem is that no one can predict what external forces lies ahead, just waiting to crush that winning path you’ve worked so hard in defining for your children. and when that one variable comes into your household, it’s amazing how little power you have to stop it’s evil and malicious influence on your child.

it happened to our household a couple of months ago. we were watching tv and something about justin bieber came on.

chaeil: mommy – do you like justin bieber?

me: no! he sucks. remember that.

chaeli: but i like some of his songs.

me: you do? since when? oh no – you don’t think he’s cute do you? please don’t tell me that you love him and want to marry him some day.

chaeli: ew! of course not! he’s too old for me – he’s a teenager!

me: yeah… right… that’s right! you just remember that. he’s a teenager and way too old for you.

chaeli: i’m just talking about his music.

me: okay. well… i still don’t think he’s that great. plus he needs a haircut.

chaeli: mom, he’s not that bad.

and there you have it. see? all that work for the past seven years – gone. it was a sad day for me.


4 thoughts on “on parenthood and music

    • if my blog was at all popular past the two or three people that read it regularly, i would expect 1000’s of hate comments, defending this canadian boy… who finally did get a haircut (i will admit, it’s an approvement).

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