valentines day for everyone but me

no, this isn’t a pity-party. just a very accurate description of how my valentines day went.

it started off like any other monday. except perhaps that i had to pack a bag of mini, veggie spring rolls for chaeli’s valentines day at school. and then of course her little ziplock bag of tiny v-day cards.

which, by the way, i’m now embarrassed to have given. why? because chaeli didn’t get ANY back. rather, she got little presents and loot bags instead. one was a miniature box in a shape of those chinese take-out cartons famously seen on retro sitcoms such as friends and seinfeld (do chinese take-out places really use those? because i’ve never seen one here in canada). it was so pretty that it alone was a more lovely gift then the iron man or tinker bell cards chaeli gave out. the little box was a translucent, plastic-like material with hearts all over it.

but seriously – it’s not the amount of money put into these gifts but the time.


anyway… so other then the whole v-day preparations to pack up, everything else was normal.

until… i stepped outside to our back patio/townhouse phase common area with hobbes so he can do his ritualistic business. and that’s when i was greeted with a very unpleasant discovery.

to backtrack here, doug has been sometimes tying up hobbes to a very long rope and just setting hobbes out free. which has always lead to the argument of how doug then doesn’t keep track of where hobbes is doing his business (number two, to be exact). still, doug swears that he’ll collect it at the end of the day or first thing in the morning if he happens to be off or it’s the weekend. which i always counteract with, “yeah, well, why is it that i have to pick up old piles of poop the next morning? like my morning isn’t rushed already when you’ve already left the house?”

now, up until now, we’ve been having bouts of snowfall and very cold temperature. the past 48 hrs, however, has graced us with a warm front, thereby creating massive melting. so when i went outside, i saw to my horror about 10 or more piles of poop that had been covered with snow up until now… all melting and no longer solid anymore.

i know, it’s gross, but i just HAVE to share this story because i feel justified to. see, doug’s reasoning was that if he left the poop out for a bit, it would freeze and would be easier to pick up. well, true – IF HE HAD PICKED ALL OF THEM UP! evidently, he either missed a few and as mentioned above, the rest was just covered with fresh bouts of snow by the time he did go out, which he would come back claiming that hobbes must have not done his number two business earlier ithat day because he didn’t find anything.

this is where i let out a big fat, HA!!! YEAH RIGHT!

so there i was, in my work clothes, trying to scoop up soggy, old dog poop for the next 10 minutes. i used 3 poop bags, realized THAT made a mess and switched over to regular grocery bags (at least you can say that we recycle). i ended up using in total, 5 bags. you might wonder why i just didn’t leave it for doug. well, as mentioned in a previous entry, we have a leaky roof situation. the common area is just that – a common area. people use it to cross over from one neighbour to another and there are plenty of grandparents who are home taking care of toddlers and preschoolers while the parents are off working. it would only take one to notice the filth in our backyard and complain directly to property management.

now is especially not the time to piss management off – we need them to quicken their very snail-like pace in recitifying this leaky roof issue. it was a question of vindiction or taking the responsible path in making sure our house doesn’t collapse on us.

as for the rest of the day, i was definitely not in a romantic mood. and felt even more pathetic when hobbes came home from doggy daycare with a valentines card for himself. i mean, he’s a dog. and he got one, not from the people who work there and care for him, but from another dog.

i was all like, “seriously? the dog gets one and rather then just getting nothing for myself, i spent the first part of my valentines morning picking up old, soggy dog poop? has it come to this?

that’s when doug said to me, “i’ll get you a card!”

“and that’s going to make up for it? getting me a card after valentines day is over? do me a favour – leave me alone for the rest of tonight.”

i’m sure you can decode what i meant by that last statement.


8 thoughts on “valentines day for everyone but me

  1. Ugh! Gross day!! Nothing says romance like a bag-o-poop.

    Who are these parents making loot bags for all the class? I think the cards are very nice and more than sufficient.

    And I don’t know any real people who do valentine’s day…this is life not an episode of the bachelor. T. gave me earrings from H&M, but I asked him to get them for me.

    • yes – gross indeed. the funny thing is i actually don’t care about celebrating v-day. i don’t really need any presents, either. but at LEAST not picking up piles of soggy poop would be a good start not just to v-day and the week but ANY day!

      thankfully, by the time i wrote the above post, i was laughing about the situation.

  2. Sorry to hear about your day. I sent my kids to school with little tiny cards as well. While I feel bad when they come home with nice loot bags from their friends, I no longer let that bother me. My kids didn’t seem to mind that their valentines to their friends weren’t fancy. As long as they’re happy, I am too.

    But seriously…loot bag for dogs?!!!

  3. Ditto the shock over the valentine’s day card for dogs. That’s just weird.

    My kids do cards, loot bags, whatever their slave mom has the time and energy to do. What I don’t love about the loot bags is that they so often contain junk food or dollar store pencils, and while I thought the dollar store pencils were a fantastic deal/treat when M was 2, it didn’t take long for our house to be overrun with them. Not to mention they don’t even sharpen or write properly. But it’s not like I have time to, I don’t know, make homemade heart-shaped sugar cookies to put in the bags. Don’t worry about Chaeli’s cards, they were fine.

    And no day should start out picking up 10 piles of doggy poop. Hope your week has improved!

    • one of chaeli’s loot bag contained a home-made, heart-shaped, frosted sugar cookie.

      and i know what you mean about the pencils – stickers too.

      as for the v-day card for hobbes from wiggles – i don’t think i want to ever meet wiggles’ owners(s). may end up being like another jack russell type situation. πŸ™‚

      my rest of the week is definitely better then the monday/valentine morning picking up 10 piles of soggy dog poop. thank you.

      for example, today, as the snow melted, i only had to pick up two old, soggy dog poop. that’s definitely an improvement.

  4. That would have put my Valentine’s Day off also. I am impressed with the goodie bags. All the kids just do small cards and candy here. I think Madeline brought home one goodie bag with all the contents already eaten. I made the mistake one year of just doing cards with no candy. Horror right? πŸ™‚ I think all the holidays these days are way overblown. Too much consumerism if you ask me. Hope the rest of your week has gone better.

    • i also can not stand that by christmas time, my kid still has a crap load of halloween treats still left over. by valentines, she’s got goodies from christmas AND halloween. and by easter, well… yeah, it just accumulates.

      by the time halloween rolls around, i end up throwing away so much! it’s such a waste.

  5. The dog got a Valentine??? I’ve got tears running down my face at this. I’m so sorry that your VDay SUCKED, but I thoroughly enjoy your storytelling process. Thanks for sharing.

    PS: VDay has gotten out of control, most of us are busy moms too, and yes men can be dogs. Sorry Doug.

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