randomnous valentine

  • i’m not a big fan of valentines and if it weren’t for chaeli, i would do anything for this day. but like a good mom, i did whatever needed to be done to prep for her valentines day party at school – including a 30 mini spring rolls contribution for their food list. as for doug and i, we did get a chance to go for sushi this past saturday while chaeli stayed with my parents. it wasn’t for valentines – just a regular date-night/outing because we haven’t had one for so long.
  • i’m glad that justin beiber didn’t win last night. nothing personal against the kid – well, except for his hair – but it felt good to see esperanza spalding take the award for best new artist. she might have not won the hearts of teenie boppers more interested in getting a date with bieber, but her talent and lovely personality was definitely dserving of such an award. bravo, esperanza! bravo!
  • so i got chaeli to point out her new boyfriend – i must say, he’s the best looking kid in class. way to go, chaeli! but i learned that he’s also one of the students that gets into trouble often. so young and she’s already going after the bad-boy image.
  • our roof is leaking again – propery management didn’t fix it as they said they would two years ago and so now, we’re looking at a worse leak then before. i’ve been spending a lot of my free time communicating back and forth with them – and basically nagging them to do it right this time. they are responsible for not only fixing the roof but also fixing any water damage the leak might have caused (and not just the cosmetic parts of our interior – but any material inside the walls and/or attic that the water has touched so they are not hotbeds for mould spores).
  • we have now acquired an ipad and have been wasting our time with plants vs zombies.

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