a sort-of new year’s resolution

so it’s the other new year for me – the one that follows the moon and is symbolized by the cycle of animals.

this year, it is the sign of the rabbit. which i find very fitting.

it is the year that brings on patience because that is what the sign of the rabbit is strong for. which is exactly one of my weaker areas. i have less patience then the average person. but believe me, i’ve been fine-tuning this area for years and i’m finally starting to see a real difference from where i am now compared to a few years ago. i do, however, still need to exercise patience when it comes to parenting.

it is the year of peace – rabbits do not like arguing. they seek peace probably more then any other animal. i definitely want my year to be about peace. to continue finding that balance but strive for as much bliss as possible.

it is also the year of being good to others because that is what rabbits do best. they are seen as quite selfless, even though they will weigh the pros and cons of any situation before making a decision. but there reason for doing this isn’t selfish. it’s because they know that if the outcome is not good, it’s best not to proceed. especially if in the end, there is not a win-win situation. well, i definitely want to continue doing things out of clarity and consciousness.

i supppose the above is somewhat like a new year’s resolution – though as always, it’s more a stamp on what i would like my path in life to be.


2 thoughts on “a sort-of new year’s resolution

  1. Parenting is ALL about patience. Another mommy told me I would need love and patience when our babies arrived and I have to chant it to myself sometimes. Usually at 4 a.m.
    I thought I was patient but being a parent takes it to a whole other level.

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