and i’m not just talking about food cravings. though, there are a few to add to that list as well… but it’s now february and as with all february’s, the darker and shorter days of winter added on to the cold, dry climate (not to mention, miserable and dangerous driving when the roads are slippery), always makes me day-dream more of things i want to do or have at that respective moment.

i’m sure this is the result of being more caged in at home. not that i don’t love being at home but there’s more work involved in getting out of the house. with the longer drives and the preparation of staying warm, our very hectic and crazy life gets a tad more crazier.

anyway, here’s a list of cravings – both big and small:

  • full-back massage
  • a 3-night trip to vegas
  • manicure
  • fresh hot cinnamon rolls
  • lobster and steak dinner
  • summer
  • yoga retreat
  • new furniture for our living room
  • fried squash blossoms (never had any but am craving to try one – preferably in italy)
  • edward cullens*

*i had a dream the other night about edward cullens. it was a very cool dream but unfortunately, i would much rather have dreamt about jasper. i blame this on watching eclipse while i was sick.


2 thoughts on “cravings…

  1. do it! with the exception of edward cullens I mean.

    I feel a little stir crazy myself. I got grandpa to babysit for an hour, went up the street and got my hair cut and I felt such joy to be OUT.

    • heh. i don’t want to do edward cullens anyway. unfortunately, while there wasn’t anything naughty about the dream, there was the lingering feeling from the intensity i felt when close to him.

      stupid vampires.

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