weekend family fun

as mentioned before, i wanted a weekend just for the three of us. with so much going on, i felt a need to reconnect.

i also realized, though, that doug and i are really in need of a weekend alone. it may not happen until the end of february but i’m looking forward to it. i’m wondering if my parents will be brave enough to take on both hobbes and chaeli. or my aunt and uncle might take hobbes just because they are more experienced with him. i don’t know – i’ll have to see.

it was a good weekend though i wish i started it with my cold completely gone. i think it is gone now but i still woke up a bit stuffed up in the mornings and finding myself still needing lots of tissue on saturday.

a lot of our plans were somewhat reversed but in the end, that turned out to be better!

friday night, doug and i got to watch ‘the last air bender’ while this was the 2nd time chaeli saw it. i know it got realy horrible reviews. i’m guessing the acting was  pretty much the reason. but to be honest, doug and i liked the concept and the action enough – we’re hoping that he will continue with the trilogy. in the end, though, i could see a lot of kids liking this movie.

saturday morning, chaeli came with me to the supermarket and helped me shop. i must say, it’s great to have her at the age where she can go fetch a plastic bag for me, open it and hold it on both sides while i fill it with produce. chaeli also got a chance to pick out her own valentine’s day cards. she chose iron man for the boys and tinker bell & fairies for the girls  in the class.

in the afternoon, we went to that indoor dog park up north. fun but i’m not sure how often i will go back. it’s definitely a cool place to visit on a very cold day where both chaeli and hobbes need to burn some energy. but because the business was new, they do not have a huge clientele for the play sessions just yet. however, the owners, a nice, young chinese couple, own three dogs themselves. they also invite family friend’s to bring their dogs for the afternoon. plus, there are also some dogs there for grooming – while they wait, they get to run around in the big room as they promise a cage-free grooming services as well.

in the end, there were eight dogs, including hobbes. it ended up being a fun time, especially as the couple were very nice to socialize with.

saturday evening, doug roasted what ended up being our most successful roast beef (i splurged and bought the best prime rib roast), accompanied by neeps, tattie and of course, haggis. doug had his scotch and i was kicking myself for not having a chance to go out and buy some irish bailey (since i’m not a scotch drinker). it wasn’t so much for having some during dinner, as i had some red wine with our robbie burn’s day feast, but it would have gone beautifully with my midnight bath later on that night.

after dinner, as it was late, we ended up watching ‘might joe young’ since it was on tv. i’ve been meaning to get chaeli to watch that movie – it’s one of my favourite disney family movies. just as i suspected, chaeli welled up a bit at the end when she thought joe wasn’t going to make it. she’s been much more emotional about sad endings or moments in movies. but she’s also starting to learn how to cope with these emotions. i think it’s hard, now that she has hobbes, to see animals suffer.

today, being sunday, isn’t always ideal for any fixed plans. it’s now 9pm and i’m still needing to make chaeli’s lunch for tomorrow, my own food for work, as well as fold laundry. still, chaeli and i had time to practice her words for next week’s spelling test and then later in the afternoon, we all played jr. monopoly – twice! i have to admit that the junior version is much faster. because it can’t drag out like the original monopoly, you don’t need to reserve a whole evening. is it wrong that as an adult, i think i might prefer the children’s version?

we also carved out some time for chaeli to write her very first letter to her penpal – who happens to be our friends’ niece in s. korea. i think it will be good for both girls – not just for them to practice their english language, but also to cultivate the art of writing letters and practicing their social skills.

anyway, for start, chaeli would talk about something about herself and then in turn, ask her penpal the same question in respective to the subject. for example, chaeli would state her age and then ask her penpal for her age. or she would talk about hobbes and then ask her penpal if she had any pets. and so on – alternating statements of herself with the respective question. it just basically ended up being how chaeli decided the form of her letter should be – i suppose it’s a good start. and she also included a v-day card for her penpal. i’d better  make sure to mail it off early this week!


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