dear friend – please come home soon…

after watching the news yesterday about the riots and violence in egypt, the first thing i did was get on the internet and start to email/twitter to a friend who is there now (long-term work project).

i knew even as i was typing that what i was doing wasn’t exactly helpful. the egyptian government had already turned their ‘off switch’ on the country’s internet. but it was a knee-jerk reaction. something i felt i needed to do. just in case.

i then emailed her sister (my best friend) to ask if they had any luck contacting her. thankfully, they did. over a very static-ridden connection – one landline her company had available for them to call home – my friend and her brother were able to get confirmation that their sister was safe and staying somewhere where they could continue being safe.

it’s something, at least. small news over a bad connection – something that happens to be better then nothing.

so for the next while, all my prayers go out to her.


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