so ready for the weekend…

this is my 3rd day back from being sick – while i’m definitely much better then i was at the start of the week, i still feel extremely weak.

this is what happens to people like me. we go-go-go and have the amazing strength to hold off on getting sick. as soon as a big moment in our lives has passed, that’s when it hits us like a ton of bricks. i’ve seen this happen to me over and over again.

at the same time, it does give me a good enough excuse to slow down. at least until i’m back to 100%.

so this weekend, we’ve got some fun family stuff planned.

to start, we’re thinking of taking hobbes to an indoor dog park. it does cost us $7 (for the whole family) for 1.5 hrs but it’s worth a try. we’ll also be having a belated robbie burns day celebration, followed by family movie night.

tonight, we’re probably just going to order in pizza and have family game night.

so looking forward to this weekend!


2 thoughts on “so ready for the weekend…

  1. The whole greenhouse got sick this weekend, and even though it was only really 24 hours for us girls, the boys got hit hard, and ALL of us are weak and headachy. I am even calling in a substitute for my class tomorrow, so the me and the kids can stay home and rest one more day before heading back into the rat race. 😦

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