snubbed ubb – day 2

i stayed home again today. feeling a smidge better then yesterday but only got my voice back (sort of ) near the end of the afternoon. both days, i actually had to email my manager to let him know i was still off sick because a voicemail from me would have just sounded like some random squeeky noise.

i got a chance to watch ‘the switch’ which was definitely a nice movie to take in while one’s head is fuzzy (both from the sinus congestion and cold meds). i normally do like jennifer aniston but she wasn’t at her best in this movie. no, no – she wasn’t bad. just not one of her shining moments. i suppose the spotlight goes more to jason bateman. and even jeff goldblum (though his character was like a lot of past characters he has played – the neurotic, playboy-like friend, trying to talk some sense into the main character – still, very likeable).

it just got me thinking – i’m so happy jason batement has been having such a better come back. he’s come a long way since ‘the hogan’s family’.

so i am back to work tomorrow.

and i really wish i could have some bailey’s irish whiskey right  now – but apparrently, one mustn’t mix cold meds with alcohol. damn. it’s robbie burns day, too.


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