snubbed ubb

ugh – my nose is totally stuffed, my sinuses are achy and my throat is a bit phlegmy.

the worse? i had the weekend all to myself – but how did i celebrate this much needed solitude of mine? by getting sick. not ideal at all.

but anyway – i tried to salvage the alone time as best as possible. even though the majority of my weekend was spent in bed.

doug and chaeli had a last minute trip to t-bay to see my in-laws. i chose not to go – work has just been crazy with a lot of overtime. and even if i didn’t have to put in some overtime this weekend, i was just completely exhausted.

hobbes stayed with me though. in fact, when i started to come down with this cold, he really stayed with me. for most of sunday, he was glued to the side of my leg. faithful dog – but a little bit of a space hogger.

i managed to at least do two things from my list of me-time things to do:

  1. finished watching the final season of the L Word. I was actually really excited that the first episode showed them wheeling away a very dead jenny from bette’s and tina’s house. unfortunately, i still had to endure the annoying jenny as the rest of the episodes was a built up to the climatic ending. it’s not just that jenny is one of those characters you love to hate, but in all honesty, as much as i loved the show as a whole, i wasn’t at all convinced that the jenny character was believable enough. perhaps because her persoanlity really went through too many different transformations from season 1 – i felt as if the writers couldn’t make up their mind what to do with her. and i also found it really hard that all those other ladies actually stayed her friend for that long. if it were me, i would have kicked her out of my life a lot sooner.
  2. watched twilight eclipse. fun and an improvement from the first two movies. but when jacob first makes his appearance in the movie, they did that cheesy soundtrack in the background. that almost killed the whole thing for me. overall, it was entertaining but really, what i’m truly eager for is part I and II of ‘breaking dawn’. i have a lot of questions and curiosities of how they are going to illustrate the last book on the big screen.

okay – i’m hoping another night of sleep (good sleep) will allow me to get back to work tomorrow.


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