faces i want to see more of

i realize that my top ten post and it’s runner up list were very negative in the way of starting 2011 off. so while i sit here having ramen noodles to help comfort this nasty cold i’ve come down with, i’ve decided to compile a top ten list of faces of the media i want to see more of.

this wasn’t an easy list to make. when i first started to think of names, i was coming up with celebrities that are already pretty hot on the media front and really do not need any more attention (even if it’s been well deserved). the purpose of my list are those who i feel need to be more visible in the upcoming decade – some of whom i’m truly hoping for a great come back where they can re-invent themselves for the limelight.

10. Kyle Howard

He had some guest appearances in Friends and was a permanent co-star in My Boys. But the first time I noticed him was in Friends where he played one of Ross’ goofy, surfer-dude-like student. A really, really tiny role – but I noticed him none-the-less. He’s the dorky, goofy but cute type and while I’m not sure if he could ever land a lead role, I’d like to see him in more supportive ones.

9. Mandy Moore

Maybe it’s the mom in me, but while Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera were shaking their pom-poms and leaving little to the imagination, here’s a girl that stood her ground by letting her sweet voice, winning personality and cute looks give some hope as a proper role model for our daughters.

8. Dido

Love her voice and want more of it. She’s definitely not gone from the music industry but I’m hoping for a huge surge as she makes a come-back.

7. Michael Vartan

He always seems to be on the cusp of bigger things. And while I know he’s not the best actor, I still love that boyish smile of his. Funny thing is that I remember him most for this made-for-tv movie where he played Sir Lancelot in Merlin. Not the best production but I found myself swooning for his character.

6. KT Tunstall

I read somewhere where she knew she was never to make it big – at least not for the long run. And it seems that she was fine with that. Well, I’m fine with it too – so long as she keeps on producing that wonderful talent of hers.

5. Katherine Moennig

She was the famous Shane on L Word, which I recently just finished watching its sixth season. I loved the character Shane – and I think the success was owed to Moennig who made the character seem so believable.

4. Rose Rollins

She was also on the L Word as military Tasha. Loved her! And honestly, I can’t believe Cover Girl hasn’t nabbed her yet for her flawless skin and natural beauty.

3. Jackson Rathbone

I know the past decade was all about Edward v.s. Jacob in the whole Twilight hype (which is still ongoing) but my favourite vampire was Jasper Hale. I thought Rathbone did a beautiful job portraying this complex character. In fact, if Stephanie Meyers decides to write more for the Twilight saga, I think Jasper’s history would be a very interesting one to write (though it would be better if it was written by some one with better talent). So while most girls (and women) were swooning over Edward, Jasper caught my attention more and more on the big screen.

2. Gina Gershon

And not Gina Gershon as the sex kitten back in her earlier days of her career. I want to see her in the more down-to-earth roles. She’s got more curves now and her harsher lines have definitely softened. To me, I think she’s more beautiful then ever. Give her more romantic comedy roles!

1. Christina Applegate

She knows how to play that comedic role just so. Even if she never makes it to that big, Oscar leading role, I have been waiting and waiting to see more of her. She needs more romantic comedy roles and by the way, doesn’t she look stunning in green?

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