missed the top ten list by just a smidge

after posting my top ten annoying famous faces of the decade, i decided that it would be more complete if i also shared some of the ones that didn’t quite make the list.

5. the kardashians

i think out of all the socialites, these ladies top the cake for me in that the way they became famous was just simply lame. maybe i just don’t understand this whole subculture of socialites. growing up, i don’t think there were as many out in the media. so this whole nicole ritchie, paris hilton and now the kardashians… ugh. it makes me a bit sad that our society is so hung up on these people’s lives.

4. kanye west

i admit i went back and forth on this one. i actually do enjoy a few of his tunes. but at the same time, i’m almost at awe with his stupidity. i think, though, the main reason he didn’t make it on my top ten list was because, well, i’ll admit it. his stupidity has also resulted in some great entertainment.

3. ke$ha

it’s not that she’s weird and out there. that doesn’t bother me at all. if it did, lady gaga would have made it on the number one spot of my top ten list. it’s just that everytime i see kesha, all i can think of is, “dirty!” i don’t mean in the perverted sense. i mean, like, just dirty. as in… “i’m sure she showers but she just doesn’t look like she does.”

and i hate the whole $-sign instead of an ‘s’.

2. olsen twins

this was also a toss up to some degree. and it’s not that i despise them or anything. in fact, i kind of get this hunch that they are very sweet and intelligent girls. which actually makes me more mad when i see them posing not just in a seductive, sexy way… but pressing their bodies into each other! they’re sister! i don’t get this… why should they need to feed on the perversed fantasy of many minds out there just to get attention? in fact, i see this often. i once use to know these twins (very pretty) and when we went clubbing, they were practically grinding up against each other. i don’t have any siblings but i’m going to guess that this shouldn’t be considered normal behaviour.

1. bruno mars

 i just can’t stand his smooth face. he’s too… pretty.


3 thoughts on “missed the top ten list by just a smidge

  1. I somehow missed your original list so just went back and reread it…..I would have had Tom Cruise at #1 for sure….and I would have to add George Clooney to that list somewhere- but in general- I agree with you…..and the Kardasians! WTF is up with them……Thanks for entertaining me.

    • oh – but i love george clooney! i have a thing for his salt-n-pepper hair! 🙂 i think one reason cruise wasn’t number 1 was simply because bieber is in the spotlight so much more these days then cruise is. but it was a close match!

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