annoying salesman

me: “hello?”

guy: “hello mam. i’m calling you to offer an opportunity for your business to be in our directory. a survey in your area showed that your company would be benefit greatly from our services.”‘

me: “what servies?”

guy: “we will make sure you are in various, popular directories so customers can be directed to your business.”

me: “this might not be the best time – we’re transitioning and moving locations.”

guy: “mam, this offer will expire soon – it’s important that you take advantage of it now.”

me: “okay… but…”

guy: “i just need to confirm your address.”

me: “go ahead, then.”

guy: “123 somewhere drive. is that correct?”

me: “no it isn’t… what city?”

guy: “mam?”

me: “what city do you have for us?”

guy: “sorry, mam. i don’t understand. i gave you the address already.”

me: “yes, but we have many locations and i need to know which city and province you are refering to.”

guy: “um… i don’t understand.”

me: “okay, well, i can’t talk about this right now because as i said, we’re busy with our move. just email me and i’ll read everything for myself.”

i gave him my email address, he repeated it back, taking it down totally wrong and i decided not to correct him.

something tells me that he’s calling from overseas and that i should be leery of this offer. but at the same time, what person does not know what the word ‘city’ means? do they not have cities where he’s from? i am not trying to be disrespectful to another culture… but honest, i can not think of a country where they do not use the word ‘city’ as part of their address.

maybe i am wrong?


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