top most annoying famous faces of the decade

The following is a list of my personal pet peeves of annoying famous faces. It’s purely just for fun but if I had to create a top ten of people I would like to leave behind from the media, these are my picks.

10. Dr. Phil

Strangely enough, I didn’t despise Dr. Phil at the very beginning of his career. In fact, I even watched several episodes of his show and felt that some of his advice made sense. Well, of course they made sense – it was common sense, really. It didn’t take long to get sick of him.

9. Larry King

I know, I know – the man has had some really important interviews in the past. I should have some level of respect for him. But he doesn’t age well. Just look at him – he belongs more on the radio.

8. Sarah Palin

It’s not just that I would have voted for the democrat party if i were american. I more really in awe that this lady was appointed as the possible VP of the free world. What made it worse was listening to my ex-boss go on and on about how amazing she is as a leader of the people.

Really? Amazing???

7. Lindsey Lohan and Paris Hilton

It was a tie between these two mug shots. I don’t know what it was that bothered me more – Lindsey looking more and more used as the drugs and alcohol started to take over her or the fact that Paris was riding on the coat tails of her father’s fortune. Either way, I was just sick of listening to celebrities getting arrested and these two topped the list!

6. Tyra Banks

I use to admire Tyra Banks for her guest role as Fresh Prince’s girlfriend and long time buddy from the hood. Plus, she was and still is gorgeous. Then she had to do the America’s Top Model thing, open her mouth and basically make me question whether or not this show was really about modeling or exposing would-be models for endorsing the stereotype of being airheads for not seeing how completely fake Tyra is.

5. Rachel Ray

Her own show on the Food TV Network? Was some one on crack with this decision? And who the hell is this Rachel Ray anyway? Where did she come from?

Though I do think her existence has done one good deed for me – Anthony Bourdain is anti-Rachel Ray. It’s one thing that bonds me closer to Bourdain (whom I love). Other then that, if I have to watch her eat one more bite or take in one more spoonful while exhagerating a “mmm… this is SO GOOD!” I may have to hurl a brick at the TV.

4. Jamie Oliver

I still love The Naked Chef series and wish they would bring it back as re-runs. But sometime, during my pregnancy while I was green for the entire first trimester, Jamie’s face started to look more swollen. And his lips started to take over the focal point of the screen. As i watched those lips move, almost too big to even close properly, I could almost envision the spit drooling out the sides of his mouth.

And that’s when I went from ‘Love him!’ to ‘Ugh – I can’t stand looking at him!’

I do still stand by his recipes, though.

3. Kate Perry

I think she’s got a strong voice. And I do like some of her songs. Some. Actually, just two. The rest is just so-so to me and I often wonder how she ever gets to the top of the charts. Is it her boobs? She does have nice ones. But why do her eyes always have to be so wide?

She also ruined it for me forever when she appeared in Sesame Street wearing what I can only describe as lingerie.

2. Tom Cruise

I will admit it. In grade 9, like many young teens, I had the hots for Tom Cruise. And it was mainly because of Top Gun. When I watch that movie now, I realize why I have spent so many past years falling for jerks and arrogant idiots – why did I crush after a character such as Maverick who acted and believed he was god and that all those around him must bow down to him?

As the years progressed, Tom Cruise himself started to look like an elf of some sort. I’ve actually been told he’s a very nice guy and I believe people I know who have met him. But since I’ve never met him, I can safely say that his face truly does annoy me.

1. Justin Bieber

I’m really not sure if I need to explain myself here.

But one of the saddest things about welcoming 2011 is that this kid is still hot on the charts.

Fine, fine – I’ll try to live with it. But some one please – at the least – give him a haircut!


3 thoughts on “top most annoying famous faces of the decade

  1. You kill me. I agree wholeheartedly on many, especially Lohan. I cannot stand hearing that girl feeling sorry for herself. What a fame whore. But poor Larry King…sending him to radio. He can’t help it if he’s homely.

  2. I totally agree with all of these, except Larry King and Jamie Oliver, simply because they don’t annoy me. I CAN’T STAND Palin, Phil, Lohan, Cruise, Perry, Ray and Bieber! I wish Palin would disappear from the media forever. I want to chop off Bieber’s hair. I don’t care that his hair is a modern rendition of The Beatles moptop. That makes me want to chop off his hair even more!

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