and on to the next…


the christmas decorations are down. funny thing about christmas decor – i love it all the way up until christmas day but then the day after? i’m immediately itching to just take it all down and store it away for another year. i don’t miss let alone yearn to keep it up a minute longer.

and now? chinese new year decorations are going up pretty much as we speak.

as for what’s been happening lately, it’s just been so crazy-busy at work that i don’t seem to have energy to do anything else. plus, i’m still trying to shake this cold.

i’ve finished one full week with my new promotion. strange thing is that now, i’m already thinking about the next step – another promotion or new skills or… something.

i’ll be back here hopefully sooner than later to write something better… for now, just checking in.

and now – a hot shower, cold meds and my bed all await me.



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