2011 – happy new year!

what should have been a fun night with friends and then ending with a post-party with family, was just not in the books.

with chaeli’s cough not getting better and me waking up feverish and woozy, we decided to cancel all plans and stay in.

and you know what? as much as i was looking forward to hanging out with my friends, it ended up being a great night. there’s always the added bonus of not having to change out of one’s pj’s and being able to watch tv in the comfy setting of one’s bedroom.

doug, chaeli and i even planned to do our own countdown (after i napped for the evening) but ended up completely missing it.


we were watching lilo & stitch. after seeing disney on ice on wednesday, doug and i both realized that neither of us have ever seen the movie – and we’ve all seen pretty much all of disney animated movies. since the rental was on demand, we could have paused it, but we got so caught up in the movie that when i looked over at the clock, it read 12:01am.

oh well. we did pause the movie so doug could get the champagne. and with chaeli and her apple juice we did the fastest 10-second countdown ever.

i think we did it in 3 second. upon chaeli’s request to “just do a really quick one.”

the movie ended just 30 minutes later and when i tucked chaeli in, i could see her eyes already figting to stay open as she said, “wow. i should be asleep by now. it’s very late.”

and that’s how we, as a family, started our new year.

all the best to all in 2011!


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