it’s hard being lazy

sounds weird, but honestly, i find it exhausting just to try and relax. not that i haven’t been relaxing but after 3.5 days of it, my skin was starting to itch. and i’m not even sure if my reference to being lazy constitute as true laziness to others because since monday, on my week off, i still got up at 6:15am to work out every morning.

a recap of this week:

sunday was sheer laziness. as mentioned – it was a day of video games.

monday, we did go see tron and then had dinner at my aunt’s place. chaeli baked me a birthday cake with her new easy-bake oven. the cake was split amongst 6 adults and one kid. in other words, we all had a bite-size – more symbolic, really. and you know what? best birthday cake ever! simply because chaeli enjoyed making it for me.

tuesday, i got more into sims 2. i purchased and downloaded three expansion packs as they were all on sale for $15 ea. and each of them actually contained 3 expansion packs in them. other then that, i really can’t remember what else i did that day. eat? sleep? poop? not much different from hobbes’ schedule. wait – i did do some work in the morning. i suppose that counted as being productive.

wednesday, in the morning, i went grocery shopping. and mid-afternoon, we went to see disney on ice and then out to dinner. my parents came along. it was fun but the coolest part was on the way home. doug took a detour to show them parts of downtown they have not seen in almost a decade. it was interesting to see their excitement – and surprise. they both said that it was like they were seeing a whole different city. my father said that one day, he’s going to come down by himself just to walk around and explore the downtown area all over again.

and finally, today. yup, today. today was the breaking point. sure, as you can see, i did get out of the house for some fresh air. but in between the outings, i was mostly in my pj’s. and i just couldn’t take it anymore.

so after lunch, i cleaned chaeli’s room (it was a mess), reorganized it and put her jewelry in her very nice, new jewelry box which she got from my PIL. i’m gearing up to also cleaning up and storing away some of our christmas presents and finally, this weekend, taking down and putting away all our christmas decor except the tree. doug wants it up for one more week so he can enjoy his train set around the tree. he had made a winter village to go below it.

fine, fine – the boy needs his geek-outlet, too. his train set and the village to go with it is like my sims. only i have much more control over my manufacturered people.

anyway – i also did the laundry today and so there’s a sense of me that doesn’t feel as bad. i’m also not feeling sluggish.

the universe is on route to being normal again.



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