twas the night before…

i am exhausted. chaeli’s been in bed for over two hours now and we just finished laying out all the gifts under the tree and stuffing the stockings as much as possible. when we were done, doug and i just sat there. i turned to him and said, “i thought we were all going easy on the gift-giving this year?”

it still looks like a crazy amount of gifts to go through tomorrow.

hobbes definitely senses something is up. he’s been excited all night, following one of us right at our heels as we walk back and forth, each trip carrying more gifts to the tree and stockings. i find it funny – he has no idea why he’s excited. just that he simply knows something is up.

anyway – it took a lot of energy to get everything ready for tomorrow morning. but i think both hobbes and chaeli are in for a real treat.

i just hope she lets us sleep in.

and with that, merry christmas to all and to all a good night!

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