he said, she said – with holly’s

doug has this superstition tradition – you have to have some wrapping left to do on christmas eve.

i’m not sure exactly who he thinks he married to but if he took a moment to understand how his wife works, he’ll know that i certainly can not stand leaving anything to the last minute.

and wrapping gifts the night before christmas just before actually placing the presents under the tree and in the stockings, isn’t how i ease into the christmas festivities.

even so, this year, i figured i’d leave two presents to wrap last minute. and thankfully, the family member i’m wrapping it for could sit there watching me wrap both of his gifts for the entire time and STILL be mega excited when he gets it the next morning. because really, what do dogs know about surprises? we do it for ourselves, not for them.

so – one toy and one treat. both for the dog. to be wrapped on christmas eve.

and as a side note, i seriously can not believe christmas is just three days away. i woke up thinking, “well, i suppose the count down begins” except that the count down had really begun long ago. but for me, i basically have been putting the thought of christmas on hold during the week because i’m more concerned about taking my christmas holiday without stressing and worrying about all the work waiting for me when i get back in the new year.

which is, unfortunately, why i’ll be bringing work home with me.


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