ah midnight bath!

i find it hard to relax when it’s been awhile since i’ve had a long stretch of time to relax. this weekend was one example.

i just couldn’t get into the groove. and the crazy thing is that it’s now sunday night, i’m about to go to bed, and i’m a little disappointed that i didn’t have a chance to clean. crazy.

i did, however, do a very large load of laundry and finish all my christmas wrapping. we did more baking and also decorated the christmas tree. on top of that, i also got chaeli’s stuff ready for winter camp.

last night, it was late, but i realized that i had to do something to unwind. so i did what i use to do – a trick that i learned that’s proven to be quite relaxing.

a midnight bath.

with candles lit and the lights dimmed down, i drew a hot bath. and then i soaked in it. just thinking about it is making me relaxed all over again.

why midnight? i don’t know. it’s when everything is done in the house and anything that needs to be done can wait until tomorrow because it’s just too late. it’s when it’s quiet both inside and outside. i suppose it’s when i finally get a moment’s peace to myself.

anyway – *yawn* – time to get ready for bed.

this upcoming week is going to be brutal.


One thought on “ah midnight bath!

  1. It sounds like you accomplished so much!! I would be wound up too. The bath sounds divine, with the candles. I hope you got a good nights sleep!

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