chaeli pre-holiday update

so it’s that time of the year again. the pre-excitement of christmas has made my sweet, little darling into the the spawn of lucifer.

alright – that was definitely an exhaggeration. but if you compare some of chaeli’s more recent behaviour to who she truely is – a very well natured and well behaved child, you can imagine how challenging it’s been these past couple of weeks. and it’s not that she doesn’t try – i can tell that the pressure of being good, the extra sugar intake (not to mention the caffiene intake from all the chocolates), plus just the sheer excitement of christmas itself, has collectively funnelled together in her little body, causing her to basically act, well… possessed. for a lack of a better word.

oh… and speaking of being the little devil, my own offspring went to school the very next day after doug and i took that sample, canadian citizenship test to announce how i did.

from what i was told, the conversation started something like this:

chaeli: ms. kothari?

teacher: yes, chaeli?

chaeli: do you know what mommy and daddy did last night?

teacher: wait… chaeli, do i really want to know what goes on in the privacy of your home?

chaeli: mommy and daddy were taking a test – and mommy got a LOT wrong! daddy only got two wrong and mommy is usually always right.

teacher: test? what test? why were they taking a test at home? you must mean they were playing some sort of game.

chaeli: no. it was a test. i saw it. they had to pick a, b, c or d.

btw, that’s how the conversation always goes with chaeli and her teacher. she learned to first ask if she really needed to know what we do at home after chaeli told her that hobbes likes to bark at GO trains and daddy barks with him and mommy doesn’t like that, leaving the poor teacher to wonder why doug barks along with our pet dog to begin with. chaeli omitted to explain that sometimes doug likes to get hobbes going for sport; he gets close to hobbes and lets out a low ‘woof’ which is like an on-button that gets hobbes all worked up – OF COURSE I DON’T LIKE THAT!

anyway, i was pretty sad that neither doug nor i could attend chaeli’s christmas show. this was just not a good year at all for me to take time off work and the show was in the middle of the afternoon. just in case, i asked chaeli what she would prefer – that i arrange to leave work early and go by myself or have both my parents go and video-tape the whole show. she was excited about the latter so it all worked out.

but here’s the deal. the day before the show, she came home with a letter stating that if we wanted to, we could pack some make-up with a comb for the day of the concert.

i looked at doug and said, “make-up? do they know who they are asking this from?”

aside from eye-liner and eye-brow definer, all i have is a plethora of lipstick and lipgloss. i use to have eye shadow and blush but i threw them out years ago after never using them for a very long time (and was pretty sure they went stale). they couldn’t have asked the least likely person to own enough make-up to lend to her daughter… had they had asked a week earlier, i’m sure my mother would have had somethng.

anyway, chaeli went with just red lipstsick and glittery lip gloss, as well as some glittery hair gel from earlier that morning.

and i thought my baby-in-blue looked smashing!

4 thoughts on “chaeli pre-holiday update

  1. Im just reading this now (its been crazy) and I wanted to tell you how much I sympathize/commiserate with you on the devil child syndrome….I thought it was just me- my two are WILD with excitement and its challenging…I have no answers- just wanted you to know that you are not alone in this Christmas holiday transformation of our sweet children into Denis the Menaces…….HUGS

    And I LOVE the picture of Chaeli too……

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