baking frenzy almost nearing the end

this weekend will be the last weekend of baking in our household. and it won’t be as crazy. all the really needed baking is now done, tinned and distributed out to their respectful recievers.

and so far, we’re getting rave reviews!

chaeli’s core teachers loved it – one already asked for the recipe of our nanaimo bars (with a twist). the rest of chaeli’s will be getting their tins today.

my manager came in first thing this morning – him and his wife each had a piece of the 5 different types we gave them (i gave them six of each kinds plus a generous slab of christmas cake). he said they were amazing.

so this weekend, the baking is just so i can bring in a tray of peanut butter brownies and some more short bread. i’ll leave it out in my work area on some empty tables and just let my department come by to help themselves.

i did buy some christmas cards on sale – but i’m not in the mood to do them this year. i think people prefer food, anyway. 🙂


7 thoughts on “baking frenzy almost nearing the end

      • Okay, I’ll restate my point as I think you’re confused to the point I’m trying to make.

        Don’t give stuff to any teacher. Whether you bake it (which is something from the heart and better than a purchased product) or you just go buy something; is wrong.

        • exactly both of your comments, one being more long-winded then the other, basically computes to the following: “don’t do this. it’s wrong.”

          i wasn’t really confused, though. i get where you were going but was trying to keep it light because i don’t really care to go into any debate on this matter.

          the baked goods had nothing to do with bribery – to those who are cynnical and jaded, i can see where they might think that. but just because they are cynnical and jaded, doesn’t make the rest of the world that way.

          i’m like the most undomesticated, very much NOT the motherly-type-mother you will ever meet.

          but i enjoyed spending quality time w/ my husband and daughter during these weekends of baking. and the bonus result was that it was a good lesson for her to learn not to have to spend a lot of money on a meaningful present from the heart.

          THAT was the main reason for our decision to give cookies and baked goods as presents – as well as simply just to spread some holiday cheer.

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