a chance at my top five – finally!

now that ryan renolds, one of my ultimate choices from my top five list, is splitsville with scarlett johansson, he can now come looking for me and commence the woo-ing stage of our relationship. 🙂


7 thoughts on “a chance at my top five – finally!

    • the sad thing is… back in the days when T and i were both single, we probably would have had a lenghthy discussion of how we could break the two up and keep the pieces to ourselves (or if they were already split up, we would have rejoiced and planned out how to keep the two appart). we would have totally got into the subject (while drinking of course), ingnoring the one very strong fact that we’re totally living in dreamworld.

      man – we’re very lucky to have gotten married at all.

  1. LOL!!! That might be a bit tricky to hide, since you both would be splashed all over the cover of “People” magazine 🙂 Hubby night see that in the check out lane.

    • yeah, but the whole concept of top five is a list where your spouse can not get angry at you if you have sex with the respective celeb on your list. and vice versa. 🙂

      watch friends – sometimes in season two, they do a whole show about the top five list. one of my faves.

    • thanks – i’ll keep that in mind. because that’s probably exactly why i don’t have ryan renolds as my sex slave. i’ve been, unknowingly, repelling him merely with the colour yellow. 🙂

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