vinyl cafe, udon and more baking

i’s been a really, really, ultra-short weekend. simply because it’s been just so much fun that time flew by way too quickly.

chaeli stayed at my parents place for a 2-night sleepover – and i so needed this. a break from motherhood even if just temporary. doug and i did a lot – things we had to do and things we wanted to do. after all, it’s all about striking that balance:

  • friday night, we went over to my aunt’s and uncle’s where hobbes was staying during the day. since chaeli and my parents were not joining us this time, we took the opportunity to get some spicy indian food. of course – yum! winter and spicy food (especially if curry is involved) is my comfort food from the cold. sure, sure – i love a mean stew every now and then. but it just doesn’t beat some of my favourite spicey foods – indian, west indies, thai, just to name a few.
  • i did take saturday morning to do things on my to-do list – p90x cardio-x and cleaning the house. afterwards, though, doug and i got to doing some more baking which we will finish up today and then sort all six kinds into several tins to be handed out this week. feels good to almost be done. as much fun as it was, it does take up a lot of time. i’m not at all sure if we’ll be doing this each year. but if we do, i need to try and do it in november and then just put the cookies in the freezer. it’s nice to have one less thing to do in december, since preparing for the holiday festivities is already jam-packed as it is.
  • we went to see stuart mclean‘s christmas tour last night and like last year, it was not at all a disappointment. what i love about his stories are that they are not just hiliarious but touching and humble and down-to-earth. they are fictional characters but over the many, many years (close to two decades?) these characters of dave, morley, sam, stephanie and arthur the dog have become so real and so very much part of our lives.
  • before heading to the show, doug and i stopped at the grange for some japanese noodles. same place as where we went last time. the service is fast and with our two dishes and two appetizers, the whole meal came out to less then $30 after tax and tip. plus, the piping hot steam coming from the food was like a warm blanket from the winter evening walk.
  • hobbes was a great sport. we rarely leave him on his on for more then five hours – if even that! but due to the show starting late and the traffic coming home, he was pretty much on his own for almost eight hours. but he did really well – no accidents and the kitchen wasn’t in a mess when we got home (well, his toys were everywhere but that was to be expected).

so we’re now off to do a little shopping and to go meet up with my parents and chaeli for some all-u-can eat sushi! hopefully, if the weather does not get too crazy, we’ll also be picking up our tree on the way home.


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