chest pain dialogue

wednesday afternoon, i started to experience some mild chest pains. they would come and go – nothing painful but definitely there. i pretty much knew it was a mild panic attack that was causing this symptom. i could feel it whenever i was struck with stress. but it lasted until thursday afternoon which totally sucked.

anyway, that night, the dialogue went something like this:

me: i’m having chest pains still. i think i’m having a heart attack.

doug: you’re not having a heart attack.

me (30 minutes later): i think i’m dying. do you think i’m dying? i could be going into cardiac arrest like right now.

doug: i really don’t think so.

me (10 minutes later): man, i’m dying and you don’t even care. you could be like… wifeless by the end of tonight! and chaeli would have to grow up without a mother!!!

doug: you’re fine.

sometimes i think the only reason i acquired a husband is for the purpose of having some one to bug. just like this.


7 thoughts on “chest pain dialogue

  1. It’s strange how it’s impossible to describe a panic attack to someone who’s never had one… you logically know you’re going to be okay, but everything else seems to be telling you the worst is going to happen, and it’s going to happen IMMEDIATELY!! Good luck with the chest pain, and let me know if you find a miraculous cure. 🙂

  2. So, are you saying that you made up chest pains to give your husband a hard time?
    Or were you just using mild discomfort to guilt your husband into taking out the garbage?

  3. Oh my! I hope the panic attack and chest pain are gone my the time I write this comment. I hope the stress eases up in your life soon. Maybe your doctor can prescribe something to ease your nerves for times like this when the pain lasts so long. Either way, hang in there. It’ll be all right and pass soon. In the mean time, bug your husband as much as you need. That’s what he’s there for, right? 😉 *hugs*

  4. Time for a break!!!! Bubble bath? A large martini and straight to bed. Cancel all weekend plans and stay in your pj’s and watch your favourite movies.

  5. haha this cracked me up. i used to be like that with aric all the time over stuff like that. he’d just be like ” you’ll live” and carry on with whatever he was

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