too busy to be a geek

i’ve been trying to not complain so much about my daily grind. i did enough of that back in september when our lives were suddently dropped into two different universe at the same time – that being grade 1 and hobbes. both requiring a lot of attention and care.

and the reason why i’ve been trying hard not to complain so much is because while my days come with challenges, in the grand scheme of things, i can’t complain.

i simply can not complain about the life that i lead because it is filled with wonderful family and great friends. i love the little things that catch me off guard, as well. from the smile of a toddler at starbucks a few days ago to the sound of the rain one late evening during that one hour between chaeli’s lights-out and my own bedtime which lended a moment of tranquility.

or even the fact that i’m still doing it – still getting up at 5-something-am to do p90x and being able to feel how hard it’s working my muscles. yes – even the soreness i’m feeling right now is giving me this understanding that because i can feel it, it symbolizes that i am here. in this world, no matter how small and insignificant, i am still participating in this on-going universe.

yet if i can just take the universe’s time – a very small moment of time, really. i mean, if you were to really think about how old this universe is and how long it would take for it to just hear me out, it’s just the smallest percentage of a fraction of it’s time.

some things i have not had any time for…

  1. shopping – aside from one pair of black pants, all other work clothes are still dependent on one single belt to hold them up.
  2. playing ‘the sims 2’ – i got it as a christmas gift two years ago and have thus far only created one family… how sad is that?
  3. take a bath – not that i don’t cleanse myself. i shower daily. but i mean a nice, long, pampering bath. it’s been awhile since i’ve been able to just sit there and soak the stress away.
  4. read a book – it’s been so long that my library card is about to expire.
  5. get a massage.

i got one of those forward-emails yesterday where they asked a bunch of grade 2 kids questions about mothers. one question asked them what their mom does in her spare time.

the reply?

“mom doesn’t have any spare time.”

sad but true.


3 thoughts on “too busy to be a geek

  1. Is that the child is conscience of the parents’ hustle and bustle, or is that the child is parroting the sentiments of the parent? Does the child understand the world around it?

    I’m thinking too much about this, aren’t I?

    Kids say the darnedest things.

  2. It seems like your days get filled with things you HAVE to do, even though it’s the life you chose.
    I just picked up a few books I had on hold at the library and instead of enjoying reading I feel pressure knowing I don’t have time to read. Unless I give up the little sleep I get.

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