first report card – first parent-teacher interview

we got chaeli’s report card on monday.

wow – not what i expected. did we ever, in grade 1, have our core subjects divided into sub-categories for grading? i had to read the comment section at least twice just to comprehend it.

but… we are very proud of chaeli. she didn’t have the advantage of being at this more academic, private school like since JK or SK. while most of her classmates have been prepared for this advanced level of grade 1. and btw, the teachers confirmed it at the interview today – the level they are learning is equivalent to a public’s school grade two… and some things even comparable to grade three!

anyway – so i glance through her grades… B+ here and there, some B’s, A’s and A-‘s. not bad at all, considering that B’s are now considered in the 80’s.

my eyes then rested on one grade that got my attention.

A-… in computer studies? WHAT? this is MY offspring we’re talking about, after all. what the hell is up with that minus sign? it should be a plus!

in lue of this, i’ve decided to take away her Wii privileges until christmas.


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