six months!

this past saturday marked hobbes’ 6th month birthday.

six months! he was just a week away from three months when we first brought him home.

honestly, it still catches me off guard every now and then. i’ll be walking into the kitchen just as he scoots off to the living room in the opposite direction – i’ll turn around to watch him. and i’ll think to myself, “wow – i can’t believe i’m a dog owner. *I*… have a dog!”

it may not seem so crazy for people who have always had dogs in their lives. but for me, i was almost trained just to basically forget about ever getting my own dog. my parents were never open to it (even though my dad is a huge dog lover) and i soon realized just how much work is involved with raising a puppy and taking care of a dog.

within the first month, i wondered if it was a mistake.

now? i can’t imagine our lives without hobbes. he’s not immune to mischief, as any other puppy, but on the whole, he is a very cool dog. i’ve also found that he encourages us to go out more on weekends – and the beauty is that we do it as a family.

so… for his 1/2 year milestone, we treated him to a smoked, lamb leg – bought at the pet store.

happy 1/2 birthday, my furry friend. thank you for coming into our lives!


3 thoughts on “six months!

  1. Doesn’t it seem like Hobbes has always been part of your life?

    Sometimes when I look back I remember Cowboy being places with me that he couldn’t have been…he wasn’t even born yet. I just can’t picture life without my furry buddy.

    • i honestly can not imagine live without him now. it would be weird not having the little furball at my heels while walking here or there. or having him sit by us while we watch tv. not to mention, the morning cuddles and tummy rubs (me giving him tummy rubs, that is – not the other way around! :p)

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