oops i did it again

last year, i asked our bodypump instructor if she could include a past chest release with staggered push-ups for doug’s next class with her.

she said, “oh sorry, but i don’t have releases that old.”

i replied, “oh – that’s okay.”

“but don’t worry. i’ll make EVERY single track really hard.”

“every track?”

“every track!”

oops… i turned to the girl next to me and said, “my husband’s going to kill me, isn’t he?”

fast forward to today…

the instructor said, “from now until the end of the year, you guys are going to pick one track where you’ll up your weights. so? which is it going to be today… pick from 2 to 8!”

she looked at me. i did’t know what to do. so i answered, “two.”

“two it is – everyone? up your weights for the squats track.”

“wait… did i just answer for EVERYONE?”

“yes you did!”

all i could do was look around with an embarrassed grin and meek ‘sorry’.

it was too late, though. people were moaning and grumbling already…

you see, i just made one of the toughest part of the class THAT much harder.

needless to say, i didn’t make many friends today.


2 thoughts on “oops i did it again

  1. The name of your post sounds familiar….you don’t sing do you? Just kidding. LOL…I cannot believe the teacher made your answer be for the whole class!! Puts you in an awkward spot! Goodness. Did you survive?

    • well, i don’t sing – but if you re-mastered my voice, i’m sure it would come out better then her re-mastered voice. 🙂

      the class was pretty awesome. i don’t know about everyone else, but i killed it yesterday! i actually decided to add weights to all 3 tracks that uses legs as well as more weights to the chest track.

      BRING IT!

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