party, party, party

when my manager wished me a good weekend at the end of friday, he asked me what my plans were…

i didn’t bother telling him that doug would be gone both days – he’s currently, as we speak, practising scenerios in what they call a burn tower. basically, the building is lit on fire and they learn methods of estinguishing the flames. it’s part of the practical portion of his course which he loves.

but i don’t know why i didn’t tell my manager – i suppose i was afraid it might turn out to seem like i’m venting/whining. which i’m not really. i’m happy for doug – but i would admit that i wish it were just one day because i do really love having him home. especially on sunday’s.

anyway, so i said to my boss, “nothing much.”

he replied, “that’s good!”

“well, just one party. tomorrow night.”

“parties… again. you guys always have some party going on.”

“well, tame parties. like the ones that end no later then 10pm.”

somewhat not always true – they can go late but i knew we would have to leave early on the account of doug’s early sunday morning and the fact that hobbes would need some relief before 11pm.

but not completely untrue when compared to the days of coming home at 6:30am. seriously. it hurts just remembering those days. it physically hurts. no amount of coffee could mend an all-nighter like that. these days, i would have to take at least half of week’s vacation just to recooperate.

anyway – while we’re missing doug this weekend, we’ve been doing what we can.

yesterday it was kenpo in the morning, cleaned the bathrooms and the master bedroom, open house for chaeli’s grade two of next school year (which i’m not even ready to think about so, in hindsight, wasn’t really into the open house – as impressive as it was), took hobbes to a new dog park (which the volunteers covered with these big wood chips – note to volunteers: if you want your dogs to run around and play, pieces of wood just makes them want to lie down and chew on them) and then home until doug got home.

the party last night was fun. but i’m finding that because of how busy we are, i’m loosing concentration at around 9pm. it’s not always like that but last night, it certainly was.

anyway, i think my favourite conversation last night went something like this:

me: “yeah, i really wish some of the other husbands were participating in movember.”

friend: “i think it’s a great awareness.”

other friend: “yeah – it’s sweet that he’s doing it.”

me: “but that’s the point. if he was actually doing it for the awareness, i would totally understand. but he’s only doing this because it gives him the excuse that he just can!”

it’s the honest truth, i’m afraid.


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