TGIF random

  • friday! finally. we’re heading over to my aunt’s place after work for chinese hot pot. i haven’t had hot pot in months – it’s just not something doug and i crave until the cold weather hits us. and now that we’re moving into winter, oh yeah – hot pot it is!
  • don’t know why, but i’m totally into Pink as of lately – now listening to Ave Mary A. great stuff to workout with. next track is Bad Influence.
  • doug is going to be gone both saturday and sunday during the day so it’s up to me to tire hobbes out tomorrow before we leave him for the whole evening on his own (have a party tomorrow night to go to) – chaeli and i will check out a new dog park not too far from where we’ll have to be tomorrow noon.
  • it’s unbelievable but i just realized in the next couple of weeks, i’m going to have to organize my christmas presents and start wrapping all the ones i’m going to ship to t-bay. as for shopping, i have two more gift certificates left and a couple of CD’s.
  • unfortunately, doug’s moustache for movember is growing in fast.

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