body combat

i need something new to try – so for today, i’m going to give another les mills program a go. this time it’s body combat. who knows how i will like it but i figure, it’s nice ti explore something else for a change. so far, i’ve liked two out of the three different types of les mill programs. i love both bodypump and bodyflow – not too keen on bodystep.

i think, though, i am just done with step as a form of group exercise. i was first introduced to it back in university – 17 years ago? maybe 18. that’s a long time.

anyway – wish me luck!


4 thoughts on “body combat

  1. Oooh I LOVE BodyCombat! I try to do it whenever I go home. Give it a few tries because it’s easy to just dismiss a class when you feel uncoordinated.
    I like BodyStep too because each song has different choreography, as opposed to the usual step classes where it keeps building on the same steps to make it really complex. If I don’t get something, I’m screwed for the rest of the class. W/BodyStep, if I don’t get it, it will go away completely in the next song 🙂
    Good luck!!

    • it was fun – i am not too keen on some of the bouncing around but a lot of times, i have the option to go low impact. my knees are just not what they use to be.

      i will continue to go back and see where it leads me by the end of the year.

        • bah – i admit i haven’t been back. just too busy and the class is in another location. it is still close to work but the locker room is really small. i waste too much time having to wait my turn just to get to my locker and get out my stuff!

          i’ve gone back to just doing 15 minutes of hardcore abs followed by 30 minutes of interval run/walk on the treadmill.

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