smoked ribs, coronation dog park and white squirrel

it was just one of those weekends again – tiring and busy but we wouldn’t have changed a minute of it!

saturday, we had another smoked ribs party – inviting friends who weren’t able to make it during the first round back in august.

what a great time – to sit around our dinner table – eating, chatting, laughing… loved, loved, loved it!

i admit i get stressed out being a hostess and i think the only cure to that is to host more often. this time, while the stress leading up to it was still there, it was much better then before. i just need to keep this up – so i can be more of a pro at it. 🙂

this morning, we met up with friends for a doggy playdate at a dog park called coronation. sweet location – found right by the lake.

we then went up to queen street where doug and i were introduced to an independent, alternative, fair-trade coffee shop called white squirrel. with our americano coffees in tow, we walked up to trinity-bellwood park, towards the back end where the land was sunken down into a great, open area for another unleashed dog park.

after parting ways, doug, chaeli and i did some shopping at mec (mountain equipmene co-op) and then picked up some delicious cheese at about cheese. but not before also grabbing one of the best grilled cheese sandwiches in the city. it took about 15 minutes fo the order but was worth every second.


One thought on “smoked ribs, coronation dog park and white squirrel

  1. I adore grilled cheese!! Sounds like you had a busy and fun weekend. I think you are right, that hosting more will help you be less nervous. I am not one for crowds but I am usually glad that we went to the effort afterwords.

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