so yesterday was interesting…

to start – i was peacefully sleeping the night before when doug not only decided to take hobbes out for his last potty break around midnight (later than usual), but also decided to go for a quick run with him.

do you know what that does to a 5 month old dog? even one that was dead asleep just minutes before?

lets just say that after they came back, hobbes stormed upstairs, ran into our room and not only did he pounce onto my bed but he pounced onto me. as in MY BODY! and rather than just lie on top of me all sweet and cute, the moment his front paws landed on me with a thud, followed by his back paws, he took off again.

and do you know what THAT does? the push-off of his back paws is even more forceful than the initial pounce!


even when i did fall asleep, though, doug’s snoring came just in time to make me grumble. i had little choice. i was pretty much, inadvertently, kicked out of my own room. so… i went down to the office where i’ve now strategically placed a fold-out, single futon mattress, an extra pillow and an extra comforter. anytime doug’s snoring becomes painful for me, i move myself down there. i’ve discovered it to be just way easier than to spend the rest of the night, kick doug’s bed at 10-20 minute intervals, telling him to SHUT IT!

it’s sad – i know. i’m like in no-man’s land as far as bedrooms.

anyway, usually, the office is quite cozy and i find myself drifting off really fast (must be the comfort of sleeping next to my computer – i am, after all, a true geek). but that night, i just couldn’t fall asleep. i don’t know why – oh wait, yeah, i do. a had a 10 lb furball rebound off of me, thereby scaring me half to death!

still… it was my first week back to working out after taking a couple of recovery weeks from my last round of p90x. i wanted to stick to it. so i hauled my ass out of bed at 5:20am to do my plyometrics. and to be honest, even if i did sleep for another hour, which was all i would have had time for, i am sure i would have still shown up at work as a zombie.

i went home at lunch to let hobbes out and intended on just cuddling with him for a bit while i chilled out on my bed (since i didn’t get to spend much time in it the night before). i hadn’t planned on falling asleep – which was exactly what i did!

when i realized i had been napping during my 1-hour lunch break, i jolted myself up and basically rushed hobbes out for one more chance to pee, close him in the kitchen and didn’t even turn back to wave at him as i rushed out, already late for work. actually, i wasn’t that late but what then happened was that i completely missed lunch. because i left late, i didn’t even have time to go through a drive-thru.

at around 2:45pm, still feeling completely zonked, i decided to zip quickly over to the gas station which also has a drive-thru tim horten’s. wouldn’t you know it, i get into my car, turn the key and voila… nothing.

it’s the most horrible sound a car can make. that nothing sound… you know, when it’s suppose to be doing just the opposite.

after a call to doug, i basically tried to keep my mind busy because i am useless with cars. i mean… it didn’t even turn on. wtf? that’s got to be bad, right? to me, that’s just saying, “hey – you need a new engine. so you might as well get a new car!”

we have no money for a new car right now. there would be absolutely NO WAY we could finance one. and that was my greatest fear.

not to mention having to ask my parents to come 30 minutes into town to pick chaeli up from school, give her dinner, let hobbes out for a potty break and feed him. all in the lovely downpour we had yesterday too.

anyway, we did try to drive the car after doug boosted the batteries but the battery would not keep the charge. it died in the middle of the road in rush-out traffic (and in that downpour) WHILE I WAS DRIVING IT! it was the scariest thing and i was extremely glad doug was following right behind me just to be on the safe side. as the car just shut off like that, i had to put the car in park and pull on the parking brake to stop the car because the brakes wouldn’t move (luckily, i was going slow enough so that i didn’t crash into the car in front of me).

CAA came to whisk us away – like an hour later. meanwhile i made some calls home just to update my parents.

and the one call – the one and only call that made my day yesterday – is the real reason why i wanted to post my crazy, fucked up day. i spoke to my dad to give him an update and all i heard was chaeli just freaking out in the background.

not like she was in any danger type freak-out. nor was she crying. but it was like one of those drama-queen moments that she could have only gotten from me (doug remains calm pretty much during anything – a building could fall over, aiming at squashing him and he would just take a breath and calmly jog out of its way).

so i asked my dad, “what the hell is going on?”

my dad responds, “oh… mom just took hobbes out for a pee and poo. but she doesn’t know how to clean him properly. chaeli’s freaking out because hobbes is dragging his bum across the kitchen floor.”

i started laughing right there and then. simply because i can vividly picture chaeli standing there with her hands out, screaming, ‘ACK! GROSS! HE’S GETTING POO ALL OVER THE FLOOR! SOME ONE STOP HIM! HE’S GETTING IT EVERYWHERE! OH MY GOD THIS IS HORRIBLE!!!”

when i got home, i had to pluck dry poop from hobbes ass-fur while chaeli re-enacted the whole thing as if it JUST happened and was something that has ruined her life forever.


2 thoughts on “so yesterday was interesting…

  1. WOW…what a day! YIKES. I would have a heart attack if my dog jumped on me in the middle of the night. Then you were late and had car trouble. What a bad day. I love that you had a phone call that made you laugh. You needed some comic relief. I hope that car problem will be easy to fix and that hobbes does not jump on you tonight. Get a good nights sleep!

    • thanks, fs! 🙂 well, the good news is that it needed a new battery. just in case, since doug works much closer to home, he wants me to drive his car so he can drive mine – to test it out for a few days.

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