guilty pleasures no. 34

doggy spa & doggy daycare

i am ashamed to say that i love the whole spa and grooming thing for dogs. even though i’m against the horrible hike-up in prices. starter price for a wash, groom, trim or cut, nail clipping and ear cleaning is $60. some places also add exterior anal gland cleaning (which, believe me, is a necessary service otherwise you have a dog that drags his ass across your carpet – a lovely sight to see when you have guests over).

doug is so not use to this new world – doggy daycare and spas… when we had t-bay (doug’s home town) visitors come to visit a couple of weekends ago, the mother looked at me with a really puzzled look and asked, “doggy daycare? do you have to bring him EVERYday???”

i tried to explain to her, as calmly as i could, that no. it was mainly just twice a week to relieve me from having to come home everyday at lunch. and there’s the pros in socialization for his age. i told her that come january, we may just take him once a week until he is one – after that, who knows.

of course, i can just see it – she heads back to t-bay to tell my MIL and SIL about this whole doggy daycare concept as they mock and laugh at us ‘big city’ people. they still don’t get it though – to go across town in t-bay is just a third of the time for my daily commute to work. and chaeli’s academics is way more demanding then all their schools combined.

doug’s been understanding of it though – he would have never have seen himself with the concept of owning a dog and sending him to doggy daycare. i admit i thought it was an added expense for those that had money to waste – until i realized how awesome they were at tiring out a puppy that would have zealous amounts of energy each evening after being stuck at home all day.

i now use it MORE for that reason alone rather then having just the need to not be wasting so much gas coming home for lunch each day.

anyway – getting back to the whole doggy spa thing… it’s really not as hoity-toity as it sounds. well, not if you just cover the basic grooming needs. there are places that actually do massages and even paint your dog’s toe nails (apparently, though, doug explained to me that the nail painting is necessary if you have a show dog and he’s about to go into competition – good lord!)

what i like about hobbes’ new daycare is that they will do the grooming while hobbes is there that day for daycare but rather then use up one of my full-day passes, i have the option of just paying for a halfday. AND get a 15% discount on the spa service. unlike other places that just do grooming, they also guarantee that your dog will still come home tired.

grooming/spa places usually require a 3-hour appointment where your dog is kennelled up and does not get to run around. they end up coming back to you more wired then when you dropped them off.

at doggy daycare, their wait involves playtime with other four-pawed friends as they run around and tire themselves out. or take turns trying to mount each other as what hobbes spent the majority of his monday doing (there were three other dogs he bonded with – and thats exacty what they did with one another – take turns… it was more like a scene from a bathhouse orgy then a doggy daycare).

to be honest, we’re not going to groom hobbes every 6 weeks anyway. most of his grooming is done at home. but it helps to have him sent back quarterly for a fixer-upper. they also have professional tools to clean inside his ears (his floppy ears is prone for infection w/out a good cleaning every now and then).

so for four times a year, i will enjoy this luxury of not having to do this full groom myself and to get a tired pup at the end of the day.

plus, he comes back all weird – like some one stuck him in a dryer and pressed ‘extra fluffy’. it makes for a good laugh.


One thought on “guilty pleasures no. 34

  1. I am so glad that you are happy with this daycare! I love the way you described the grooming options and the discount. I am sure you get funny looks from relatives and others but being a dog lover, I completely understand! I feel terrible when I have to be gone and cannot give Livvy her lunch on time. She is too young to wait all day as a grown dog can. I know that it must be a huge relief to you that there are days that you do not have to worry. 3rd one is the charm, it sounds like!

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