can it be called sibling rivalry when one of them has four paws?

a lot of people ask me, “so how does chaeli like having a puppy?”

well, for the most part, she loves it. hobbes and her are really bonding well. every morning, while i have my hands full with a plethora of things to do, i get hobbes to go in and wake chaeli up – he usually does this by jumping on her bed, finding her face, and licking her almost to death.

usually, she giggles – sometimes, she bats him away. can’t say i blame her.

hobbes will even stand in front her door, taking turns to look at it and then turn back to look at me as if to say, “hurry up, woman, will ya?” in fact, one morning, while chaeli was staying at my parents’ place, he went to her closed door (we keep in closed while he’s up and about so he doesn’t go in to steal one of her toys, of which i have caught him doing a couple of times) and just stood there, wondering why he wasn’t being asked to perform his usual wake-up call service.

each morning, while chaeli sits on my bed to have her banana and milk (while watching cartoons, of course) hobbes jumps up to sit behind her – always bringing one of his favourite toys – while i get ready for work.

i ALWAYS catch a glimpse at this scene and it never fails to make me smile. it’s THEIR ritual and i love it.

having said all that, there’s the very odd time where hobbes can totally annoy chaeli.

like last night, when it was just chaeli and i. we were getting ready for bedtime – i wanted to spend the end of the evening queitly with her, reading one of her new books.

hobbes, however, had other plans.

rather then lying on her bed or on the floor by the foot of her bed quietly as he usually does, he wanted to play instead. so while in bed, he spent most of the time rolling around. i finally had it and shooed him off, not letting him back on.

then it was trip after trip to get some water or go out for a pee-break. i must have said to chaeli at least three times, “sorry, chaeli – this will just be a minute… HOBBES!!! STOP IT! GET BACK HERE!” each time, i had to put the reading on pause.

it was after the last time, while i was walking out of her room, i heard chaeli say under her breath, “dumb dog.”

i’m sure it won’t be the last time she says this.


2 thoughts on “can it be called sibling rivalry when one of them has four paws?

  1. Sounds very normal to me! I love my puppy so much but there are still times when she demands attention at times that are not good for me, or when I am in the middle of something with one of the children. Right now, Livvy is on our bed, and she is rolling around and playing with a toy instead of of laying in her bed that is on our bed. I suppose as they get older, our puppies will settle down!

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